De La Soul-For your pain and suffering


All De la soul fans know about their epic kickstarter campaign that funded the legendary hip-hop groups latest effort yet to be release because of distribution and artist clearance issues. Well the plugs have decided to give us a free EP to hold us over while everything is cleared up for the official summer release of the project. The appropriately if not sarcastically entitled “For your pain and suffering” is that EP. The EP starts with a skit and given the fact de la soul invented the skit on hip-hop albums it is a nod to their fun loving approach to hip-hop. Then we jump into a live instrumental feel on “Train Wreck” a coy fun relationship song that would be more of a B side type song in my opinion. They move forward to “Beautiful night” which is more of a OG macking song with a A.I.(referring to their album artificial intelligence) type bubbly beat with Dave west featuring on the Jawn. This one feels like a track left off the artificial intelligence series by the trio in every sense of the word and then we close out with another skit but this time it one of those chill skits with music capturing the day in the life of a individual on his way to the studio. This is another classic De la move and the song is a instrumentalist type jawn. All and all as a fan it is good to hear anything from De la soul and this horderves just leaves me that more famished for the main course…..ENJOY!

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