David Banner – Before the Box


David Banner is like a hip-hop prodigal son. He began in the lyrical and conscious world of hip-hop with partner Kamikaze as the crooked letterz and later became a southern dance rap sensation with “get down on the floor”. He went toward more of a street oriented sound for the most successful part of his career but he always maintained a soul and gave you a “Cadillac on 22’s”. Now he has become a renaissance man creating films about the African gods and collecting books as well as dropping dope introspective hip-hop albums. His latest effort “The God Box” is on it’s was and can be pre-ordered on iTunes now but to tide you over he gave us the “before the box” street tape for free. This is a banger from start to finish with songs that touch on the many struggles that the African American community is facing today as well as personal issues. This is underground southern hip-hop that rattles the trunk and delivers a message while making you dance. I think at the end of the day this is a cee change that Banner is championing and is needed in my opinion because the invincible drug dealing addicted character being championed in rap lately needs to be pushed to the margins and balance needs to be restored. Enjoy, “before the box” but most importantly support “The God Box”.

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