Dandy Teru “Adventures”


As a huge fan of the mixes created by the good folks over at laid back radio, it comes as no surprise I am feeling this new LP by Dandy Teru. Teru has done a monthly mix show with laid back since 2011 called French toast as well as a show called Quiet Dawn. He has also added production to solid modern soul/hip-hop releases like Do the Dilla and Tempo dreams.

On Adventures, Dandy brings his great ear for the mix and his hand for soulful production together with great indie artist like Tall black guy,Moka Only,Ty etc… Adventures is an interesting blend of soul and hip-hop that is sultry yet not forced. Meaning each genre is well represented and the album flows smoothly from one song to the next, which in todays single driven music culture is a testament in integrity. Give your ears a musical treat and go on a soulful adventure with Dandy Teru. ENJOY!

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