Craz Dr Grabow I.M. – Whiskey


Big Craz is a veteran emcee hailing from Tuscaloosa Alabama by way of Detroit and he is also the brother of legendary indie producer Sam peezy Adams who blessed the track “whisky” with his board work. Craz has had a career with many concept driven albums are memorable quotes(see propa ganja)….His always rhymes with the veracity of a def squad member like red man or keith murray. What I mean is he puts a whole lot of energy in every word and while you are nodding to the rhyme he delivers a punch line that makes smile and rewind. “Whiskey” is the teaser track from his new album which appears to be a concept jawn too “Operation code Kansas”. It is set to a blaxsploitation chopped sample which makes the black dynamite spliced video all the more appropriate. If you a fan of classic word play and banging beats stay tuned for “operation code Kansas…ENJOY!

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