Common-Letter to the Free


At one point I thought the Hollywood lifestyle and money had gotten to common. He made some statements that lacked perspective a few years back concerning a lot of what is going on in our country. The new project entitled “Black America Again” takes us back to the common that we all know, biting social commentary and a introspective unique voice. I will post the track listing below along with the soulful “letter to the free” featuring bilal. “Letter” finds common discussing the current state of black America from slavery to now and the hook is a soulful negro spiritual like refrain. The beat is soulful and stirring yet minimal, it fits the message. This is a song you reflect to and build on. Support this cause you know radio will bury it…ENJOY!

Tracklist: “black America Again!”
1. Joy And Peace f. Bilal
2. Home f. Bilal
3. Word From Moe Luv Interlude
4. Black America Again f. Stevie Wonder
5. Love Star f. PJ
6. On A Whim Interlude
7. Red Wine f. Elena
8. Pyramids
9. A Moment In The Sun Interlude
10. Unfamiliar f. PJ
11. A Bigger Picture Called Free f. Syd
12. The Day Women Took Over f. BJ The Chicago Kid
13. Rain f. John Legend
14. Little Chicago Boy f. Tasha Cobbs
15. Letter To The Free f. Bilal

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