Captain Gravity and the Power of Vril _01 (2004) (04-05)

I am a huge fan of pulp/golden age comic characters because there is often more story telling involved than just a random story. This is a great book I stumbled on recently at Amazon, it was a great read with good art to match. I placed a description below from the amazon page. If you are ever bored with the regular comic titles and looking for a bit of creative nostalgia. Give this a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Over a thousand years ago, a gift from the stars dramatically changed the lives of an ancient people. Now it’s 1938, and after being lost to history for a millennia, the mysterious element that helped build an entire civilization has been rediscovered. Joshua Jones, a young black man striving to make his way behind-the-scenes in late 1930s Hollywood, finds himself the protector of the mythical Element 115, an extraterrestrial element that gives the possessor the power to control gravity. With America on the threshold of WW II and the ability to shift the balance of world powers in his hands, Joshua must keep the Element out of the reach of the dreaded Nazis and those who would use it for evil. In a foreign land with danger all around him, Joshua must master his new found powers and save his friends, including a beautiful, young starlet named Chase, from the tightening grip of the Reich. Captain Gravity, The Collected Adventures combines the first four issues of the Captain Gravity comic series. Written by Stephen Vrattos the graphic novel features a painted cover by Mark Schultz. The book also ships with the one-shot, Captain Gravity, One True Hero.

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