Bonebreaker Jones- revenge of the nerds

bonebreaker Jones

Bonebreaker Jones has dropped his latest ep “revenge of the nerds”. It pays homage sonically to hip-hop circa 88-94 and if you listen to bonebreakers cadence and delivery you will see why he has the nick name “the futuristic throwback”. This is not a concept album given the title, as much as a straight forward hip-hop album for people who like no nonsense driven lyrics and banging boombap beats. This type of hip-hop is rare because you can almost see the emcee smiling with enjoyment as he delivers each bar, instead of the pseudo gangsta persona that dominates the culture today. This effort to me reflects a type of everyman hip-hop I miss these days and is well worth the price of admission. Stop complaining that their is no good music out there and go and support some. Stream “revenge of the nerds” on iTunes here.

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