Blueprint “Great Eyedeas Never Die” Official Music Video


Blueprint is about to get the honor of having two different posts on badmagics in the same say. Why? Because his tribute to Eyedea was so dope that it deserved to be separated from general pub for his upcoming album. Eyedea was a underground mainstay and legend at a early age, cutting his teeth on the nascent battle circuit. He released several albums gaining some critical acclaim on the indie scene for it and signing to rhymesayers. Blueprint captured the feeling of loss as only a artist can for a fallen comrade. This is more than a tribute or a simple I miss my homie song, this feels real because it is…the video which is pretty much a home movie of many still pictures of eyedea is something family and friends would put together for a lost love one. This was beautiful and well done…..Thank you Blueprint for helping us keep the soul in the music…..RIP EYEDEA

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