Blaxis Publishing presents- A visual mixtape 4 pages| 16 bars

Jiba Molei Anderson’s imprint blaxis publishing has created a series called “4 Pages | 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape” to show some of the diversity sprouting up in the indie comic book community. The series began as a art installation is Chicago back and 2013 and will be launched as a comic series in June of this year with more volume to follow in Fall 2015, winter 2016 and spring 2016. I like the way he does the hip-hop cultural tie in with the idea of “Visual MCs and Literary DJs”. We all know hip-hop has a deep love affair with comics with some of its greatest mythology being tied to comic book characters(Tony Starks = Ghostface, MF DOOM etc….). I also love to see our stories come from the source, so this series in a win win for me. Check out some of the visual mixes below and support.







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