Big Gipp- Paradise Life


Big Gipp bka Zagga of Goodie Mob fame is prepping to release his third solo album in the 4th quarter of this year. He has gifted us with a solid mix tape called “MR. Get Down” which I linked below for you listening pleasures. Zagga recently connected with Orbit Didit to produce a official video for one of the stronger songs off the mixtape release, “Paradise Life”. I feel like this is perfect for him because it sticks to the soulful funk that is the wheel house of 90’s southern hip-hop. Heck I wish we could get more of this sound from southern artists as a whole but I digress. If the mixtape is any indication Zagga bka Gipp may fall for some of the same pitfalls as other vets shying away from his strong suit to attempt to catch the now crowd. If he could build a album around the sound of this single I believe it would work a lot better for him but alias the industry forces people to do otherwise.

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