Baron Amato- Au-natural


I have followed the exploits of the Mobile Alabama native that goes by the moniker of Baron Amato for some time now and in doing so watched the development of a true artistic spirit with vision. He is that interesting mixture of multiple artistic disciplines channeling one to deliver a thought provoking piece of work. This young man is a emcee, poet and actor all of these tenants are present on his new project “Au-Natural” from the skits that permeate the album adding the right amount of flow throughout the project, to the opening and closing being aptly named Uhuru and Ubuntu this effort challenges the listener to listen harder. “Au-Natural” is one of the projects that you can gleam subtle nuances from with each repeated listen one of my favorite joints the previously released Amarterasu sums up MR. Amato’s intent because if he keeps building from this direction he may just set the world on fire…ENJOY!

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