Andrew Kelley & DJ Mekalek – Some Songs I Made For RZA (2013)


Since 2009, Andrew Kelley has been involved in Wu Tang-affiliated projects as a producer and A&R. He’s contributed to RZA‘s The Man With the Iron Fist soundtrack, compilation albums Chamber Music and Legendary Weapons and, most recently, Ghostface Killah‘s Twelve Reasons To Die. Now, he has come together with longtime collaborator DJ Mekalek to bring listeners Some Songs I Made for RZA, a street album compiling highlights from his work with the legendary East Coast crew.

01. DJ Mekalek Intro
02. Meteor Hammer (AK Remix)
03. Rise Of The Ghostface Killah
04. Rise Of The Black Suits
05. Rise Of The Black Suits (Brown Tape Version)
06. Built For This
07. Black Out
08. Evil Deeds
09. Mekalek RZAlude 1
10. Murder Spree (Brown Tape Version)
11. Laced Cheeba
12. Ill Figures (AK Eazy-E Remix)
13. Radiant Jewels
14. Mt. Everest
15. NYC Crack
16. 6 Directions Of Boxing
17. Tic-Toc
18. The Archer
19. Drunk Tongue (AK Remix)
20. Make It Right (AK Remix)
21. Mekalek RZAlude 2
22. Rivers Of Blood
23. Bust Shots (AK Remix)
24. Legendary Weapons
25. The Black Diamonds
26. Diesel Fluid
27. Execution In Autumn
28. Harbor Masters (AK Chubb Rock Remix)
29. It’s All Over Outro

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