Amerigo Gazaway- The Trill is Gone (UGK and BB KING mash ups)


Amerigo Gazaway has put together some dope mash ups before but this could be the best. BBK and UGK almost born to be together. I always said early southern rappers like UGK, eightball and MJG, the ghetto boys were a continuation of the blues with their story telling and OUTKAST brought the funk and soul. I miss this type southern rap because now the game in the south is dominated by incoherent babble over edm tracks….That it fun for the party and every generation has their voice but there is something missing. The south once brought a sort of straight talk soul to the game with rappers who had the cadence of a gospel preacher and the charisma to match. This is a great reminder of these things….The trill is gone…ENJOY!

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