VAST AIRE and BILL COSMIQ -Dark Metropolis


I have been really slammed lately with various work endeavors and I am slowly finding the time to build on great art and my love of hiphop music. As I slowly prepare to continue putting listeners up on some great gems they may be missing with all the clutter of the web and constant stream of music, I am hit with a title wave of dope and the culmination of that is this vast aire jawn produced by bill cosmiq.

Vast Aire of Can Ox is preparing to release another solo album soon entitled “Aireplane” which will be a collabo album featuring the production work of Bill Cosmiq who has been the mainstay producer with the Can ox family as of late. Cosmiq did most of the production on the new Can Ox album and Vast Aire featured on another project for Cosmiq called Quantum . This Jawn entitled “Dark Metropolis” is the first single from that album and it is what we have come to expect from Vast Aire if you are a Can Ox fan like myself and that is dope esoteric bars using scifi, comic or five percent references coupled with his unique vocal tone. Cosmiq production is usually a banging boom bap like soundscape set to samples or playing that come off like the back drop to a dope scifi movie. As his name suggest “Cosmiq” is his theme and he plays that consistently in the production I have heard from him over the years to created a brand or sound. All together this is a solid piece of work to add to the catalog of both artist and producer for mentioned. I am a heavy fan of Can Ox so the cold vein remains the masterpiece or bench mark for which I feel Vast has yet to super pass even though he drops dope work like this with consistency. As a fan I often wonder if a concept album that was more direct and orchestrated be more of the feel needed to reach that height? We may never know but in the mean time Vast is delivering the mail with some consistency for his fans and boom bap heads like myself. So mad respect to him and Bill Cosmiq


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