62nd spazz x Shaun Judah produced by 16 bloxx

62nd spazz

Shaun Judah recently dropped a ep entitled the entitled lectures and it was dope…If you consider yourself a hip-hop head do yourself a favor and go download it asap(here). Now he is connecting with various indie producers around the world and in his base of operations Birmingham Alabama to give us more dope jawns to rock to in anticipation for what I hope is a full length. If there has ever been a artist that needs to be locked in a studio with infinity amounts of beats it is Shaun Judah. You can feel his passion for the craft in each verse he spits and I also love the fact he is a esoteric emcee aka a thinking mans rapper that forces you to listen, rather than just spell things out. This recent joint produced by 16 bloxx is a perfect track for a emcee like shaun to rip the only thing most people will say is they wish it was longer but I am cool with the length personally. I think sometimes emcees who deliver a lot in a verse don’t need to go long even though we wish they would when they spazz out like Judah did on this jawn. ENJOY! this and do yourself a favor…go see him live…

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