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Each fall The Center for Cartoon Studies invites 20 of the world's most promising aspiring cartoonists and graphic novelists to the ramshackle village of White River Junction, Vermont for a…Read more

Busta Rhymes-Q-Tip- THANK YOU

Someone tell me why so many sites added lil wayne and Kanye to the featuring line on this song when all they did was announce the song? That is just…Read more

Brother From Another Planet

In 1958, the jazz pianist known as Sun Ra recorded a remarkable album, Jazz in Silhouette. Borne aloft by splendid dancing melodies and often-startling syncopation, Jazz in Silhouette soared in…Read more

Chuk Le Garçon-Echolocation

Echolocation is used primarily by the nocturnal animal, the bat, as a signal of sound to get a sense of the surrounding area. Chuk Le Garçon's latest project "Echolocation" is…Read more

beats for change-TALCOBAN HOPE

This album is fundraising response to what happened after one of the most powerful Typhoons on record hit Tacloban and the people of the Philippines. Beats for Change has put…Read more